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The Peninsula Beijing Moments Campaign

Portraying the old and the new in this unique city, The Peninsula Beijing's short film takes us to sites such as the renowned Great Wall of China, through the Hou Hai area and the Temple of Heaven, ending at the modern National Theatre. The film represents the style, sophistication and elegance of Beijing, much as it does the personality of The Peninsula brand itself.



  • Peninsula Beijing Page at Great Wall

    As one of the few hotels that has held spectacular events on the wall, The Peninsula Beijing has hosted more than 50 events on different sections of the wall since 1998. In the Peninsula Academy, guests can enjoy a luxurious view of the countryside with a catered brunch on the wall itself.


  • Peninsula Beijing Pen Academy Pageboy

    Within our Peninsula Moments film, our pageboy flies a kite hand-made by a master kite maker in Beijing. Our Peninsula Academy offers a kite-making class where guests learn how to make kites and – accompanied by craftsmen and hotel staff – fly their kites in historical Tiananmen Square.


  • Peninsula Beijing 798 Art District

    The 798 Art Zone is the centre of Beijing’s contemporary art circle. When we shot at the 798 art district, The Peninsula Beijing pageboys had to carry an extremely large painting weighing 150 kg! The painting featured is a famous piece called “Chinese Auspicious · Straw Hat”, by Zhou Ying Chao.


  • Peninsula Beijing Huang Ting

    At Cantonese restaurant Huang Ting, we see a server working with dough for hot pot noodles whilst performing the popular flour dance. Accompanied by music, servers stretch and knead dough whilst dancing to finally make “ropes” of noodles for everyone’s enjoyment.


  • Peninsula Beijing Hou Hai withPageboys

    The scene at the Hou Hai area happened on one of Beijing’s most beautiful and busiest afternoons. Hou Hai is a popular place for both residents and tourists, thus many people asked if the crew was shooting a film and wanted to come closer to our luxurious Rolls-Royces in Peninsula green.