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The Peninsula Art Walk

December 20, 2013
The Peninsula Art Walk

As international demand for contemporary Chinese art continues to grow rapidly, The Peninsula Beijing unveiled its latest concept, The Peninsula Art Journey, a programme which gives contemporary artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a unique manner whilst bolstering the avant-garde architecture and aesthetic of the The Peninsula Beijing’s interior.

The programme began in early September and featured the art of virtuoso Zhou Ying Chao. Zhou is no newcomer to The Peninsula Beijing, as his artwork was a pivotal component of the hotel’s ‘Peninsula Moments’ film. Experiencing his youth in the revolutionary formative years of the People’s Republic of China, Zhou’s art is reflective of his interpretation of the transient nature of traditional Chinese motifs. Unveiling a total of 26 paintings, the exhibition took viewers on a journey through space, underpinned by the theme of horses and travel. Additionally, it resonated with a journey through time, depicted by the interaction of horses and portraits with ancient and contemporary elements.

The artworks are on display in public areas of the hotel including The Beijing Suite, The Lobby and the 2nd and 3rd floor foyers, allowing guests full access to enjoy – and even potentially purchase – the stunning collection.