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Imperial Glamour in 21st-Century Beijing

July 24, 2016
After more than a quarter of a century of providing legendary hospitality, The Peninsula Beijing proudly reclaims its position as the finest hotel in Beijing with a glamorous reinvention inspired by China’s remarkable architecture, exquisite art and unique cultural traditions.

Beijing is the powerful epicentre of China, and the spectacular redesign integrates elements of the city’s iconic palaces, monuments and gardens to create a décor that mirrors both the timeless splendour and contemporary dynamism of the Chinese capital.

Whilst modern China continues to develop at breath-taking speed, the hotel remains mindful of preserving local heritage and traditions. Some of China’s finest craftsmen and artists were commissioned to restyle the hotel using the same luxury materials, such as gold leaf, red zi tan wood, onyx, Chinese jade, bronze and marble, that ornamented Beijing’s most famous structures, such as The Forbidden City and The Summer Palace. Carefully selected for their enduring qualities and their intrinsic beauty, these elements create an ageless sense of grandeur, elegance and sophistication for guests to experience.
Chinese inspirations and symbolic references are integrated on every level of the hotel. The Spirit Wall in The Lobby features a noble phoenix, symbolising the auspicious feng shui of the hotel, and a pattern of peony flowers, representing fortune and nobility Goldfish, which are considered lucky in Chinese mythology, are prominently featured in carvings and mosaic artworks in the guestrooms and suites, referencing the hotel’s location on Goldfish Lane. Guests can also view 160,000 hexagonal motifs partially inspired by a tortoise shell, which represents longevity in Chinese culture, ranging from the six hand-carved pillars in The Lobby to the bronze work on the main staircase.

By reviving classic Chinese architecture, design and artisanal expertise from across the centuries, combined with a museum-quality collection of modern Chinese art and proprietary Peninsula technology and service, The Peninsula Beijing crafts an authentic sense of imperial China reimagined for discerning modern travellers.