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A Chocolate Love Affair at The Peninsula Beijing

August 31, 2014
A Chocolate Love Affair at The Peninsula Beijing
The Peninsula Beijing celebrates the recent opening of The Peninsula Paris, toasting the milestone with “All Things French” activities throughout the month of August. Join us as we share the French spirit with an unveiling of a remarkable chocolate-made decadent dessert tower located in the Lobby. After more than two months of rigorous planning and preparation, The Peninsula Beijing's team of five pastry maestros unveiled a seven-metre-tall Eiffel Tower to entice the senses of curious guests in the Chinese capital. This colossal masterpiece is composed of approximately 110 kg of French dark chocolate, whilst more than 3,000 dark chocolate beads have been painstakingly decorated one-by-one across its whole structure.
This first-of-its-kind spectacle is bathed in authentic Guanaja chocolat noir by Valrhona, which offers a delightfully intense and bittersweet flavour, revealing an aromatic range of warm notes. To top it all off, the tower is crowned with sugar glass windows and a mint chocolate-flavoured flagpole revealing the tallest and most luscious Eiffel Tower ever built in Beijing to date. 

In addition to the chocolate Eiffel Tower, guests are transported to the City of Light as The Peninsula Beijing also reveals The Lobby Lounge’s limited edition, à la carte selection of fine French baked goods for Afternoon Tea. Rounding out a full French dining experience, Jing’s indulgent dinner buffet and decadent desserts marries Peninsula savoir faire and the ultimate in artisanal artistry.