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The Peninsula Beijing Peninsula Academy

The Peninsula Academy provides in-house guests with the chance to learn about and gain exposure to the uniqueness of Beijing. The rich culture of the capital and it's hidden gems are highlighted in a variety of bespoke programmes including activities such as a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour of the Great Wall, a rickshaw Hutong tour, a kite making class at Tiananmen Square and many more.



  • For almost five hundred years, from early in the Ming dynasty until the fall of the Qing in 1912, the Forbidden City in Beijing served as the centre of Chinese imperial power. Though the capital and palaces of the former Mongol Yuan dynasty were near the site of the present city, the vast palace that we know today, and its spatial location within the town that surrounds it, was very much the fruit of Emperor Yongle and his architects. Yongle’s dream of red mansions is now the largest surviving monument to China’s imperial past.

    Following the incredible achievements of Yongle, Emperor Qianlong was also an integral part of the success of Chinese sovereignty during the Qian period. This programme provides an insider’s view of the intricate architecture of thkis majestic city and gives a glimpse of how the Chinese royals once lived their extraordinary lives. The journey continues at Huang Ting as our proficient tea master welcomes you back with a mouthwatering feast to complement your personalised tea ceremony.

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      Peek through history’s keyhole to reveal imperial opulence and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an exclusive tour inside the Shu Fang Zhai Temple.
      Huang Ting’s tea master will introduce a set of tea varieties along with mouthwatering dishes to complement each course.

    RMB 6,600 for one person

    RMB 7,200 for two persons

    RMB 8,000 for three persons

    RMB 8,750 for four persons

    RMB 9,500 for five persons

    Additional Detail

    The programme duration is 3.5 hours from 9:00am to 12:30pm and available Tuesday through Friday. (Available on Mondays in July & August)

    Advance reservation of two weeks is required

    Available for a maximum of five people

  • This Peninsula Academy reveals the historical significance of the Temple of Heaven to events of paramount importance in the Chinese imperial calendar. The journey begins with a chauffeured transfer to a morning private tour of the historic park, where a tai chi master will offer insight into what went on behind the cleverly constructed building commissioned by the Qing dynasty’s emperor, Qianlong. Later that morning, guests will be whisked away to personally experience the basic movements of tai chi. This fascinating exercise is said to unblock and encourage the proper flow of qi or energy force thought to stream through the body. Tai chi is also said to promote a balance of one’s yin and yang, gently keeping your opposing elements in harmony. The morning culminates in a Naturally Peninsula brunch at Huang Ting prepared to enhance your rejuvenating experience.
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      Feast your eyes on the majestic and vast landscapes of the Temple of Heaven and witness the authentic sight of locals celebrating a vibrant lifestyle.
      Rekindle your energy flow by learning the fundamentals of tai chi from an experienced master guiding you to achieve balance and harmony from the energy force throughout your body.
      End your journey by indulging in a healthy, quintessential Peninsula feast at Huang Ting to enhance your new rejuvenating experience.

    RMB 2800 for one person
    RMB 3600 for two persons
    RMB 4400 for three persons
    RMB 5200 for four persons
    RMB 6400 for five persons
    Prices include tax

    Additional Detail
    The programme duration is 3 hours starting at 8:00am to 11:00am
    Available for a maximum of five people
    Advance reservation of two weeks is required
    This programme is subject to availability
  • This unrivalled adventure kicks off with a helicopter ride soaring high above the tourist queues, to watch the magnificent wall snake its way through the valleys of the Juyong Pass. From the luxury of a helicopter seat, guests will take in aerial panoramas including the glorious Bird’s Nest Stadium – co-designed for the Olympics by artist Ai Weiwei and so-called because of the numerous trussed steel columns giving it the resemblance of a bird’s nest – before touching down for an exquisite Champagne brunch on a private pavilion with spectacular views of the great wall.


    From the splendour of the past to the vibrancy of the present, guests will be transported in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce to Beijing’s contemporary 798 Art Zone, where you can browse works at your leisure and gain private access to a renowned artist’s gallery and open kitchen. Back at the hotel, be pampered in style at the Peninsula Spa in preparation for a six-course Peking Duck feast in our award-winning Huang Ting restaurant.


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    • Travel in Style

      The Peninsula’s bespoke fleet of transportation includes an immaculately restored 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom prepared to escort you on your day-of-a-lifetime trip above and through Beijing’s past and present.


    • Bird's Eye View

      Fly high in a helicopter above the Great Wall and the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Lunch will be served on a private pavilion, with Champagne and artisan cheeses.


    • Artscape at 798

      Enjoy the Peninsula Afternoon Tea at 798 Art Zone with exclusive access to artists’ studios.


    • Time to Relax

      Unwind with a rejuvenating aromatherapy massage and facial at The Peninsula Spa followed by a six-course dinner at Huang Ting restaurant.



    RMB 22,700 for one person
    RMB 27,800 for two persons
    RMB 32,900 for three persons
    Prices include tax

    Additional Detail
    • Maximum number of persons is three
    • Advance reservation of 48 hours in advance is required
    • Minimum of 16 years of age for participation
    • This programme is subject to availability


  • Beijing’s hutongs are narrow streets or alleyways formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences built around a quadrangle. The word hutong comes from the Mongolian for water wells, nodding to the fact that communities gather around wells. Although many of the city’s hutongs have been demolished to make way for modern roads and high-rise buildings, some have been preserved as designated areas of Chinese culture. Those that survived, give a real glimpse into Beijing life as it has been for generations.

    From their size and style, you can tell whether the compounds belonged to the rich and powerful or the poor. On this exclusive tour, you will get an insight into both, with visits to more humble abodes as well as the mansions of Prince Gong, one of the most extravagant and ornate residential compounds in Beijing, and Soong Ching Ling, wife of Sun Yat-sen, former president of the People’s Republic of China.

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    • Old Beijing

      Meet in the lobby where you will be greeted by a Peninsula Page boy and be transported in luxury to the hutongs around the Hou Hai district.

    • Rickshaw Ride

      Explore the nooks and crannies of old Beijing by rickshaw and get an guided insight into traditional Chinese life and architecture.



    RMB 1,800 for one person
    RMB 2,500 for two persons
    RMB 3,800 for three persons
    RMB 4,500 for four persons
    RMB 5,800 for five persons
    Prices include tax

    Additional Detail
    • The programme duration is 4 hours between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and is only available February through November
    • Advance reservation of 48 hours is required
    • Minimum 13 years of age
    • This programme is subject to availability
  • Being a master chocolatier involves perfecting the art of working with the sweet ingredient to create not only delicious desserts, but also beautiful and skillfully crafted pieces of chocolate art.

    Under the guidance of The Peninsula’s master patissier, youngsters will learn to tell their bain-maries from their ballotins, their bitter from their Belgian, and get an up-close insight into the intricacies of chocolate dessert-making, Peninsula-style.

    Each child will take away their very own ‘cocoa kit’ filled with a personalised apron, chocolate buttons, custom-made whisk and special chocolate molds to continue the smooth and succulent art of chocolatier at home. And their very own handmade desserts of course.

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    • Sweet Dreams

      The programme kicks off in the pastry kitchen of our restaurant Jing, where children get acquainted with the Peninsula’s pastry chef. After a tour of the kitchen and an introduction to the tools of the trade, the chocolate fun begins.

    • It's All in the Flavour

      Experiment with texture, shape, flavour and consistency to create one-of-a kind delicious chocolates in iconic Peninsula molds.



    RMB 700 for one person
    RMB 1,300 for two persons
    RMB 1,900 for three persons
    Prices include all tax

    Additional Detail
    • The programme duration is 1.5 hours between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm
    • Advance reservation of 24 hours is required
    • The maximum number of persons is three
    • Each guest must be between 8 and 16 years of age
    • This programme is subject to availability
  • Made from bamboo, paper, silk and rattan, traditional Chinese kites are usually crafted in the shapes of animals: dragonflies, swallows, butterflies and centipedes. With their grace and symmetry, the kites are said to be emblematic of freedom and their making is seen as a vehicle for artistic expression.

    Under the guidance of the kite master, you will start by choosing a design for your kite – maybe a dragon or a fish or something simpler for your first attempt. Then you will build your frame and choose material to cover it: silk is the traditional fabric, but you may also use strong paper, nylon or plastic. Balance and proportions are key to ensure your kite stays aloft. Once you have cut the material to fit your frame, you are ready to paint and decorate your kite. Attach it to your frame; add the string bridle and you are fit to fly in the nearby Temple of Heaven Park. But don’t let it go, because according to Chinese folklore, this can bring bad luck!

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    • Kite Craft

      Meet at the concierge desk, where the Peninsula Pageboy will take you to the luxurious Peninsula Suite to learn the secrets of kite-making from an esteemed master of the art. Snacks and drinks will be served throughout.

    • Flying High

      Travel to a local park in signature Peninsula transport to fly your custom-made kites, wind-permitting.



    RMB 3,900 for one person
    RMB 4,500 for two persons
    RMB 5,200 for three persons
    Prices include all tax

    Additional Detail
    • The programme duration is 3 hours between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and is available March through October
    • Advance reservation of 24 hours is required
    • The maximum number of persons is three
    • Each guest must be between 8 and 18 years of age
    • This programme is subject to availability